Mod Branch Stream Mitigation

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Type Title: 
Stream Mitigation
McDowell Co, WV
US Army Corps of Engineer
Present Status: 
In Progress
Major Project Elements: 
Site assessment and evaluation, Land survey of streams and wetlands, Biological data collection, State and Federal permit submittals, Stream and wetland design

Jackson Group developed a  compensatory mitigation to offset approximately 2,604 ft of impacts to jurisdictional waters related to a proposed mining operation. 

Southern Minerals has proposed a mining operation for the purpose of coal extraction. The proposed mining operation will potentially require unavoidable and permanent placement of overburden material into select portions of jurisdictional waters.  To offset impacts, Jackson Group developed a two-phased compensatory mitigation plan and worked with the Palmer Engineering team to mitigate approximately 3,490 ft of intermittent and 134 ft of ephemeral stream channels and wetlands for restoration.  The team proposed to restore existing streams and wetlands or create new streams based on the standard US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) requirements for compensation of replacing streams and wetlands based on their existing quality and stream type.

Services provided for this project include field survey of existing streams along with topographic surveys of areas for new streams to be created.  Staff analyzed this information and existing information to provide designs for new streams that would be better for the overall habitat, i.e. provide ecological lift to the area.  This design included providing engineered structures in these streams that will restore the habitat as closely as possible to the existing streams.  Biologists also provided on-site benthics and fish sampling for the existing streams to incorporate or improve these features or new future water bodies.  Both teams provided agency coordination to facilitate successful implementation of the project. 

The final compensatory mitigation plan submitted to USACE includes design drawings, specifications, benthics and fish reports, and a complete project report.