Middle Fork Development Permit 877-0179

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Coal Mining Permitting
Magoffin Co, KY
Middle Fork Development Corp
2006 – Present
Present Status: 
In Progress
Major Project Elements: 
Jurisdictional Determination Benthic Macroinvertebrate Survey Endangered Species Survey Mitigation Plan Cumulative Impact Assessment

Middle Fork Development Corporation proposed a mining operation (permit 877-0179) for a surface coal mine. In order to obtain the mining permit, Jackson Group was contracted to identify the extent of all potential jurisdictional waters, which include navigable waters, associated tributaries and adjacent wetlands. A jurisdictional determination was performed based upon data collected and field observations, as well as an analysis of the alternatives which provided a total recovery of the coal reserve on the project area.

Services provided for this project include field survey of existing streams along with topographic surveys of areas for new streams to be created. Staff analyzed this information and existing information to provide designs for new streams that would be better for the overall habitat. This design provided mitigation for temporary, and permanent loss, as well as losses related towards any indirect impacts to ephemeral and/or intermittent stream channels. These losses were compensated within the plan by restoring temporary and secondary impact areas to its pre-mining habitat condition and by restoring two on-site intermittent stream channels. Sediment control and a water quality assessment were also preformed at this site. Jackson Group provided agency coordination to facilitate successful implementation of the project.

The final compensatory mitigation plan submitted to USACE includes design drawings, specifications, benthics and fish reports, and a complete project report.