Mansfield Hollow

Type Title: 
Cultural Resource Study
Mansfield, CT
September - December 2009
Present Status: 
Major Project Elements: 
Phase I, Multi-Component

During the fall of 2009, a Jackson Group team member conducted a section 106 compliant Phase I archaeological survey to determine the direct effects of reservoirs upon cultural materials and sites. During the investigation numerous sites were identified of varying cultural components. This project was conducted to fulfill United States Army Corps of Engineer (USACE) requirements on monitoring lands surrounding reservoirs for environmental and cultural impacts.

This survey was conducted in conjunction with other environmental impact studies to determine what effects, if any, occurred to the ecology and cultural heritage sites within the region during the 80+ years of the reservoirs. Fieldwork identified main impacts on sites including increased amount of loss due to erosion, increase damage to sites by vandalism and general recreational use due to increased traffic to reservoir. The information collected from these studies were taken and compiled to create models to minimize further damage to the sites.