I-69 Highway

Type Title: 
Bat Survey
Tennessee Department of Transportation
June 2012-August 2012
Present Status: 
Major Project Elements: 
Mist net surveys, Acoustical monitoring, Habitat assessments

This primary objective of this project was to use mist-net surveys and acoustical monitoring to document the presence or probable absence of the federally listed endangered Indiana bat (Myotis sodalis) along the proposed approximate 70 mile Interstate 69 (I-69) corridor.

Habitat Assessments were performed at each of the potential 71 mist-netting and corresponding ANABAT sites for suitable habitat for federally listed endangered bats. If a site was determined to be unsuitable based on actual habitat conditions, the site was moved or deleted following coordination with USFWS.

Seventy-one (71) net sites were selected along the linear corridor totaling 276 net nights. Mist-netting followed guidelines set forth by the USFWS and the Indiana Bat Recovery Plan to survey summer habitat for the presence/absence of the federally endangered Indiana bat.

Sixty-nine (69) acoustical sites were selected along the linear corridor totaling 138 detector nights. Acoustical monitoring followed guidelines set forth by the USFWS. Titley Scientific Anabat detectors were used to during acoustical monitoring.

Mist-net survey efforts resulted in 222 bats being captured comprised of seven species. Acoustical monitoring survey efforts resulted in 27,079 individual bat calls recorded.