Environmental Determination for Upper Howard and Cotton Creeks, Smith Station

Type Title: 
Habitat Assessment
Clark County, Kentucky
East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc.
December 2015
Present Status: 
Major Project Elements: 
Wetland Assessment Stream Assessment Bat Habitat Assessment

Jackson Group was contracted by East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc. (EKPC) of Winchester, Kentucky, to preform environmental determinations within the project area.  We were tasked with assessing their wetlands, streams, and habitat area in flow path of potential runoff areas to determine future impacts. In accordance with the NOAA Guidance for Facility and Best Response Plans: Fish and Wildlife and Sensitive Environments (1994).

Wetland assessments were conducted by Jackson Group ecologists.  Pedestrian site surveys were conducted throughout the project to identify wetland boundaries.  The survey included identifying vegetation communities, a geomorphologic assessment of hydrology, soils identification if necessary, and notification of existing disturbance.  Streams were assed using a Rapid Bioassessment for High Gradient Streams.  Habitat assessments were conducted by looking for potential threatened and endangered bat summer habitat.