Beckley Quarry Cemetery & Historic Properties Survey

Type Title: 
Cultural Resource Study
Raleigh, WV
Boxley Aggregate
October 2011
Present Status: 
Major Project Elements: 
Architectural History, Historic Preservation, View Shed Analysis

In 2011 the Jackson Group team conducted view shed analysis on historic properties and historic cemeteries in Raleigh, WV prior to a 33 acre rock quarry expansion. Preliminary research identified 18 possible sites of historical importance. That number was reduced to 8 after field investigations were under taken. Only one site was deemed eligible in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), though by conducting a view shed analysis it was determined that activity at the quarry site would not negatively affect the site allowing the project to continue as planned. Architectural Historians, part of the Jackson Group team, have extensive experience conducting projects such as this for our many coal, and oil and natural gas clients.

Increasingly view shed analysis have been the primary choice in determining the impact of coal mining operations on cultural sites, historic properties, and cemeteries. By incorporating the latest GIS technology into cultural resources surveys this reduces cost for the client and helps to create an effective management plan to ensure the protection of cultural resources while continuing with the client’s project. In the case of this survey, the view shed analysis ensured the protection of a NRHP eligible site, and the client was able to proceed as planned.